Why offer a Medico Pak service in your pharmacy?

As our population ages at unprecedented rates, access to quality health care advice, assistance and support is becoming increasingly important. Often, the most accessible healthcare provider is the local pharmacy. Pharmacists will play an increasing role in assisting customers to manage their health care needs. Pharmacies will ultimately driving improved health outcomes for Australian consumers.

In Australia today, it is estimated that consumers miss up to 25 percent of their prescribed medication doses. Numerous studies conducted both in Australia and overseas have shown that pharmacist intervention can lead to better patient medication compliance. The most effective way to increase patient medication compliance at a pharmacy level is through the implementation of a Dose Administration Aid strategy (DAA).

An effective DAA strategy includes programs to drive DAA growth with staff and customers alike combined with high quality consumables. Medico Pak from Amneal provides pharmacies and customers with an effective, inexpensive medication management tool.

The value DAA’s play to improved patient health outcomes is supported by increased government funding for DAA patients. A well implemented DAA solution is proven to increase customer loyalty to their local pharmacy and drive increased revenue.

No matter the quantity of DAA packs your pharmacy prepares, Amneal is the only Australian generic company to have a complete in-house DAA solution to drive growth. Our solution comprises two exceptional core programs; our DAA Growth Program drives workflow efficiencies through support tools and staff training, while our Patient Engagement Program directs potential customers to your pharmacy through a combination of marketing and professional service initiatives. Program roll-out will be facilitated through experienced Amneal staff, high quality consumables, automated packing hardware and complimentary software applications.

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<100 packs

Medico Pak is a simple and convenient, medication management tool that has been in the Australian market for 15 years. A high quality, fully disposable cold seal product, Medico Pak should be your pharmacy’s medication management system of choice.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Medico Pak should be your pharmacy’s medication management system of choice:

  • By supporting their medication compliance Medico Pak will help your patients to remain independent for longer, which is a positive outcome for all concerned
  • Non-compliance patients are often missing out on some of their prescribed medications, Medico Pak increases the of number scripts your pharmacy fills (average increase is 10 extra script per year, per DAA patient)
  • Minimal staff training is required, starting a Medico Pak service is easy
  • The ‘cold seal’ method makes it extremely simple to assemble and is the ‘gold standard’ in blister packs
  • Medications are not exposed to extremely high temperatures that ‘hot seals’ products produce, this heat may degrade the active ingredient/s thus reducing efficacy
  • Medico Pak has software that integrates into most dispensary systems giving you access to your dispensary fields and files

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100+ packs

As your Medico Pak service scales up through the implementation of Amneal’s DAA strategies, automation of the packing process can greatly improve operational efficiencies. With such a small footprint Alpaca has reduced space requirements while significantly increasing pack output. Alpaca is like a hardworking member of your team.

Our machine is an efficient and affordable state of the art blister pack dispensing robot. The Alpaca is manufactured in Japan and leads innovation in pharmacy automation. Alpaca is now available in Australia and is distributed exclusively by Amneal Australia.

Click to see a video of Alpaca in action

One of the reasons the Alpaca is so fast is its ability to multi task, while a technician seals the first blister, the Alpaca is working on the second. This method allows for high volumes of up to 40 packs per hour. All medication is released at the same time into each blister, resulting in most scripts being placed in just 40 seconds.

When you purchase an Alpaca robotic system it comes with all the essential components to maximise return on your investment. These include 120 canisters individually calibrated to your dispensary brands, a high speed printer and touch screen computer. The innovative design of Alpaca will dramatically improve the workflow and efficiency of your pharmacy.

Key features of the Alpaca

  • 1.5 to 3 minutes per pack
  • Up to 40 packs per hour
  • Incredible accuracy
  • 60 canisters loaded at any one time
  • Barcode tech to match foil to patient meds being packed
  • Queue the next blister while you seal the first
  • Integrated, automated Virtual Pill Box
  • Canister optimisation
  • Pulls from dispense patient data fields
  • Cloud database technology – easy access
  • Support ‘Hub & Spoke’ packing platform
  • Driven by Amneal’s software the database has information and updates in real time
  • Accessible by Rx Staff, ACF and Doctors

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